Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jacob's Continuation

I posted a full-length novel last week, and forgot to mention it on the blog. It fills in the gap between parts 3 and 4 of the main sequence. I had a blast writing it. If you've ever read John D. MacDonald, you may see an influence in parts. I'm currently working on turning Part One into a full novel, tying up loose ends and actually showing Calli's transition to employment with Sevens. I got great feedback from my editor (Paul Witcover), and we both agreed this was the best solution. While I'm doing that, he's picked up with The Continuation of Nova, so that may be the first one to appear as a finished ebook on the vendors' virtual shelves.

I've also written the first two of several articles for on the reasoning behind some of the principles that appear in the novel(s). I'm trying to figure out my optimal caffeine input rate to get maximum writing done per day.

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