Thursday, October 28, 2010

Word Cloud for Nova's Continuation

I came across Wordle today, and used it to create a word cloud for the novella:
It could be cleaned up by eliminating low-information words like "now," but as a first try it's pretty cool.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update for 10/18

I have started outlining LA part 3, and have written an introduction. One of the fun parts is really delving into the nature of the city's immune system as monitored by MOM. It's not just the masks and cameras.

I set up a LA twitter account (name:LifeArtificial) , but haven't quite decided what to use it for. It could be strictly for notifications, or I could try to post quotes from the text occasionally.

I also have the manifesto referred to in the notes at the end of Nova's Continuation. It's called "Canman" and describes a fictional genesis of the Speaker. I do not plan to list it on the website because it's really tangential to the story, but once I clean it up I'll link from this blog.

The epub versions of the texts are long in coming. It's quite tedious and I have a lot going on, which is another way of saying I've procrastinated. I have an iPad now, so I can at least see what it would look like in the iBook reader.

I am also trying to get the next paper out the door on complex system survival. The first 12 pages are in good shape, probably 1/4 of the total. It's hanging together nicely. The results don't leave me optimistic about long-term survival for any such system.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Nova's Continuation" has been uploaded.

Look on the site for the links. I'm still working on epub format, but both pdf and html are up.

This segment took far, far longer than I thought it would. I came close to chucking the whole thing as a bad idea,
but I am happy with the final result. Hope you like it too.