Sunday, March 20, 2011

Part Four Complete-o-Meter

You gotta love Google--they come up with new stuff constantly. As a result I can create a gauge that shows the number of words in the working draft of Part Four, rather than a scaled 0-100 range. The green goes to 40K, which is about what I guess it will come in at. The red starts at 50K words.

I don't think I'll manage my 800 words per day for a while--at least until I get some of these other projects out of the way. But I'll keep at it when I can, and see how it goes.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Part Three is up

Thanks to the Anonymoose who gave me a gentle shove via a comment on the last post. I worked hard this weekend (between yard work) to work through the parts I hadn't done. There are still sections I want to edit, but enough is enough. I've had the flu and been very busy at work, but it really comes down to a reluctance to ever call anything 'finished'. I know if I had another few days to work on it...

When I write, I use double angle brackets to denote the PDA dialogs like:

<< Hi! What's your version number? >>

but convert them to the Germanic-looking smaller version to publish. This time I didn't do that. Let me know which you prefer. I actually find it easier to read the bigger version, even though it looks less elegant.

Part Four is already in the works, and I will set up a complete-o-meter on it.  Part Four will be the logical end of this part of Calli's story. Once that's all done, I plan to have a professional editor go through the whole thing, after which I probably will publish it through Amazon's store for 99 cents or something. Of course I'll also post it here, so if you don't have a buck, you're still good.

Thanks to everyone who has posted comments or emailed. As a reminder, if you gave me a name to use, those won't appear until Part Four.