Sunday, February 26, 2012

CC changes, Flattr, Workbench

Thanks for the recent correspondence and comments. I learned about Flatter and set up an account, so you can buy me a cup of coffee if you feel so inclined. Don't get too inclined or you might fall over. [update: thanks for my first Flattr!]

Other changes include a quick correction to my embarrassing misspelling of 'emygdala -> emygdale' in Part One e2.0. I have no explanation for how that happened. I've now posted the edition number on the home page. The other change from 2.0 to 2.1 (other than that one spelling) is the licence, which is now more liberal. It allows share-alike non-commercial derivative works as long as they make attribution. As I work through the other pieces in preparation for handing off to the editor, I'll do the same with them. I also added .doc format, which might be easier to manipulate that html or pdf for some purposes.

In the vein of derivative works, I grabbed the blogspace a while back, and may start using it as a sketchpad for ideas and also to post other bits and pieces that would be considered non-canonical with regard to the story trunk. This would include the screenplay I wrote and many pages of god-mode text in the original prose versions, as well as tossing out some ideas for the sequels. This needs to be in a discrete space because it would contain possible spoilers. This is just an idea at this point. Feedback would be appreciated.

One possible project for this workbench space is a rewrite of "Canman". This novella-length piece is referred to in "Nova's Continuation" as a kind of holy book for the Continuation. I wrote it a long time ago, but it would need a lot of attention to fulfill that purpose. If there's a writer out there with a bent toward political philosophy, have at it. I reserve the right to "bless" derivative works as canonical or not, purely for my own sanity. You're free to ignore these classifications.


  1. Great set of stories, the best sci-fi i have read in a while. Congratulations on a fine piece of fiction that drew me into the story and made the characters and their plights and achievements feel real.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment! There's plenty more on the way. I'm more than halfway through with the next novel-length piece that fills in the gap between parts 3 and 4 for Jumbo and Nova.