Friday, January 13, 2012

The draft of Part Four is finished.

This is the largest of the installments so far. The version I have is in pretty good shape, mainly because I didn't write much of it on the iPad (and have to go back and fix lots of typos). An ever bigger factor is that I was able to rapidly write the last two thirds of it, so it already flows nicely. I've noticed a funny thing about motivation. During the writing of the previous part, I set myself a goal of 800 words a day. And if you look at the log, it's very close to 800 words a day. This time, I just wrote because it was fun to write. As a result, I wrote much more each day. My best day was 4500 words, I think. On Wednesday of this week I couldn't sleep because of the damned plot line spooking around in my head, and the characters chattering back and forth, so I just got up and wrote until 3:30am. The moral is that intrinsic motivation beats extrinsic motivation. I'd read about that idea here, and it was interesting to experience it first hand.

I want to get the editing done soon so I can post it. I hope it will be up within a week. Thanks for hanging on!

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  1. I'm extremely excited! Keep up the hard work.