Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creative Commons

I have uploaded new versions of the existing files, labeled e1.1 for reference, which contain the Creative Commons license, so you can distribute these per the terms. The only one not done yet is the .epub version, because I'm finding Sigil such a pain to use. It's probably because I'm just a noob-nous at it, and I will persist until everything is in that format too. Note that if you want to convert to some other eformat to distribute for iPhone or something, that's great.

A decent draft of the next installment is done. I run hot and cold on the thing, and I need to let it marinate in its own juices for a day or two before I try for a final edit. It's about half the size of the first two installments, and it's not from Calli's POV. So it's like an intermission. Part Three per se is under development with plot outlines and an introduction done.

I just noticed that blogger has a "subscribe by email" link at the bottom. Maybe that can serve as the notification service that was suggested?

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