Monday, August 9, 2010

Part 2 is up

My final edits and posting were delayed by my 13 year old, who wanted to learn something about CGI programming, so we did that for a couple of hours. As a result, the ebook version isn't up yet. I'll fix that in the next couple of days. The glossary is updated with a few new neologisms.

Part two is much less a solipsism than the first installment, and could be read on its own without too much confusion I think.


  1. Thanks a lot for notifying me. I devoured the second part as well. No thanks for leaving me with the plot in mid-air at the end of it. ;)

    I stumbled over the sentence "The building where Ingrid’s (using Jumbo’s name for her) backwards transformation from nefarious lastlegs to masked citizen happened in a perfect location." which seems to be lacking a verb to me.

  2. @relet--thanks much for the comment as well as the edit. I have a whole list to fix in part one as well. Once we get to the end of act III I have to go back through for a complete edit.

    As for leaving you hanging, yah, sorry about that. I hope the rest is worth the wait.

  3. Good story, David. Looking forward to part 3.